Electric Guitarlands is a show that unites guitarists of different generations to celebrate the art and passion of the electric guitar. This event offers a platform for musicians from different musical styles and historical periods to perform together, share experiences and influences, and create a unique experience for the audience. Throughout the Electric Guitarlands show, guitarists of different generations can play together or in sequence, offering the audience a variety of musical styles, techniques and approaches.
The goal of Electric Guitarlands is to celebrate the versatility and evolution of the electric guitar as a musical instrument and to demonstrate how different generations of guitarists have helped shape the history of music. This show provides an opportunity for guitar and music fans in general to appreciate the skills and performances of talented guitarists from diverse musical horizons .Electric Guitarlands can include solo performances, group jam sessions, or even unreleased collaborations between guitarists from different musical genres. The main objective is to create a memorable experience for the audience and celebrate the expressive power and beauty of the electric guitar.the first edition of this show was exceptionally successful with 26 concerts in 11 countries



the 2023 edition saw the participation of 4 great guitarists Michael Angelo Batio The legendary Chicago shredder former member of Nitro is currently the guitarist of MANOWAR, GUS G The great Greek guitarist was a member of Ozzy OSbourne's band from 2009 to 2017 and is the frontman of Firewind. Rowan Robertson - At the age of 17 Rowan was recruited by Ronnie James Dio to join his band. Suddenly, he escalated from obscurity to worldwide fame. Andy Martongelli, one of the best known Italian shredders, guitarist, composer, producer and teacher, member of the David Ellefson band.On bass Francesco Caporaletti, on drums Roberto Pirami and on vocals Riccardo Curzi





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